Veterinary Care

All dogs will receive proper veterinary care.

A relationship with a veterinarian must be maintained to be in compliance with this program, including a veterinary program of routine, emergency, scheduled care and euthanasia.

To establish a relationship with the veterinarian, the kennel owner shall arrange for routine veterinary visits. This relationship will act as a foundation to determine that the needs for the health and well being of the dogs in the facility are met and to assure that in the event of a routine or emergency situation, proper veterinary care will be readily available.

Veterinary Care Plan

The veterinary care plan shall include and document:

In accordance to Act 119, the kennel shall establish a written program of veterinary care, which shall include a physical examination and vaccination schedule, a protocol for disease control and prevention, pest and parasite control, nutrition and euthanasia.

Download the Sample Veterinary Care Plan.

Veterinary ‘Log’

The Veterinary Log will be a one-page quick reference document readily available for any USDA or State Licensed Dog Warden for inspection or otherwise, if needed.

Records shall be kept for all veterinary care at the facility including:

Rabies Vaccinations

Documentation and administering of rabies vaccinations shall be accordance with state law.

Dog Observation & Care Report

It is understood that minor ailments may be treatable by the kennel owner prior to the need for veterinary involvement. The Dog Observation & Care Report is used to maintain a written record for a potential medical concern in the kennel.

This report will provide a documented record for the medical needs and maintenance for each dog that requires medical attention. Such records will also show good faith regarding a higher level of awareness to the medical needs of every dog.

Each Dog Observation & Care Report shall include:

Download the Sample Dog Observation & Care Report.

NOTE: A Dog Observation & Care Report does NOT claim to be a ‘veterinary’ medical report.