Re-Homing ... For Life

“Our dogs are NOT in a situation to be in need of a ‘rescue,’ but sometimes they need a new home.”

Completion for the program requires that every kennel establish a program for re-homing for:

Re-Homing Fees:

Veterinary care, feeding and housing dogs waiting to find a new home can be costly. To help members cover these fees, we accept donations. Donations received for the re-homing program will not be used for any other purpose.

Lifetime Re-Homing Guarantee:

If, for any reason, financial distress, family illness, personal health problems or any other circumstance beyond your control, you are no longer able to adequately care for your pet or find it a good home, you are encouraged to return the dog to the seller, where your puppy was originally purchased.

We are committed to ensuring that healthy PA KAP dogs, regardless of age, always have a safe and loving home to live out their natural lives.

Download the Lifetime Re-Homing Guarantee Form.