Our puppies are in good handsFacility

Physical Appearance

The premise must be neat and free of clutter inside and out. The grounds must be kept free of waste, unused and discarded materials. All buildings must be in good repair. The premise should reflect a positive image.

Animal Security

The facility must be designed and constructed for proper housing of dogs. All animal containment areas, primary enclosures, exercise areas and building are secure from animal escape and prevent predator intrusion.

Waste Disposal

The building must be maintained with minimal odors, drafts, ammonia levels and condensation. Waste and water must be readily eliminated from the animal area as needed to minimize contamination and disease risks. Old excreta must be removed.

Surfaces and Cleaning

The facility must be free of rust and chewed surfaces. All surfaces must contribute to a sanitary environment. All components of construction must be structurally intact and/or replaceable when necessary.

Primary Enclosures

Must be in good repair and free from excrete and excess accumulation of hair or fur.


The facility has wiring and plumbing in good working order, not subject to any dangerous situation for persons or animals, and in compliance with all building codes.


All storage is to be kept orderly, clean and non-expired.

Maintenance Plan

Maintain a plan for repairs that cannot be readily attended to.

Temperature & Ventilation

Housing facilities must be maintained such that these factors do not cause adverse conditions or health risks to the dogs. This includes sick, infirm, quarantined, young, prenatal or geriatric dogs.


Lighting shall allow for a seasonal diurnal cycle in geographic region of the kennel. This may be achieved through natural or artificial cycle. If artificial, the minimal and maximum diurnal light cycles on earth to which a dog may naturally survive may be accepted.


Shall be displayed in every facility room housing dogs.

Shelter from the elements

Protection from adverse environmental conditions will be readily available at all times, i.e., outside runs, play yards, etc.


All aspects of the United States Animal Welfare Act and PA ACT 119 apply.