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Program Documents

PA Kennel Assurance Program Booklet - A complete description and guidelines of the PA KAP program.

PA Kennel Assurance Program Application - Application and self-assessment form to be used for certification.

Sample Forms

Exercise & Socialization Plan - Sample Exercise & Socialization Plan that requires veterinarian approval and signature.

Dog Observation Report - Sample form used to document minor conditions that are treatable without veterinarian intervention. In the event that a condition worsens and requires veterinary care, this report provides documentation of symptoms and treatment.

Veterinary Care Form - Sample form to document the Veterinary Care, as approved by the local veterinarian (if required).

Lifetime Re-Homing Guarantee - Sample guarantee to indicate to buyers that the kennel is KAP certified, thus, provides lifetime commitment to ensure the dogs have a forever home.

Puppy Lemon Law Sample Forms

Lemon Law Written Notice for Dog Purchasers - Sample Notice to provide buyers with a summary of Pennsylvania Law Section 9.3 of the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, which is enforced by the Bureau of Consumer Protection in the Office of the Attorney General.

Veterinarian's Certificate - Sample form a seller provides with each puppy sale, to be completed by the attending Veterinarian who provides medical care that is covered by the Guarantee of Good Health Certificate. A copy of the veterinarian bill should be attached and mailed with the form.

Guarantee of Good Health - Sample self-signed health guarantee for sellers.